Service: May 17, 2020
May 16, 2020, 7:00 PM
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Dear St. John's Family,
Earlier this week I participated in a zoom meeting with Bishop Benfield and other clergy from our diocese. The purpose of that meeting was to discuss plans for reopening congregations in our diocese. While we do not yet have a firm date, I do believe we are getting close to reopening St. John's. Soon, I will be meeting with the vestry to begin putting together what our reopening will look like. To say the least, the next time we gather will be different from the last time we gathered in early March. We will be practicing physical distancing and will be wearing face masks.  We will not be shaking hands or hugging, which is so very much a part of our culture here at St. John's.  Also, we will recognize that there will be folks within our congregation, especially those in high risk categories, who will choose to not meet publicly at this time. We will be discussing how to best meet the needs of those folks, too. Please continue to pray for Bishop Benfield and the members of the St. John's vestry as they consider how to safely reopen our church building. Also, please continue to pray for those members of our congregation who are nurses, physicians, pharmacists or are in other essential jobs as they are on the front line caring for the rest of us.
I hope you enjoy the worship video this week. For those receiving this newsletter who do not attend St. John's, you might be interested in knowing that the young man reading the lesson from Acts and the Psalm is Nolan Dean, who has been behind the camera for each of our recorded services. I asked him to read this week so folks could put a face with the talent that has videoed and edited our services these past few months.
Fr. Ray+