June 13, 2019, 7:06 AM

St. John’s Episcopal Church - Sunday, June 16, 2019


From Fr. Ray+


St. John’s is blessed with several groups that enrich our common life.  The Episcopal Church Women as well as the relatively new Men’s Group provide opportunities for fellowship and mission.  The Spiritual Development Group has sponsored two events this year, Rev. Danny Schieffler in January and Rev. Stuart Hoke in May.  At a meeting on Tuesday of this week they will be making plans for upcoming programs.  Last year our worship group led the way in hiring our new organist, Dr. Gabe Statom and our Outreach Group led the way in increasing our financial support for worthy community agencies, as well as increasing support for the Priest’s Discretionary Fund.


The Fellowship Committee provides opportunities for our church family to gather and simply enjoy each other’s company.  They met recently to plan our next event.  On Sunday, June 30, we will gather for an ice cream social following worship.  The Fellowship Committee will provide sandwiches, chips and drinks for a light lunch. Others are encouraged to bring ice cream.  Homemade ice cream or “store bought” are both welcome!  Ice cream toppings will be provided.


I realize that not everyone has the time nor necessarily the desire to take part in everything going on at St. John’s.  I do hope, though, that you will consider which things interest you and help you grow in your faith.

The Adult Sunday School class has begun their new class called Discussing Mere Christianity.

The first purpose of this video study is to explore the positive ideas that C.S. Lewis has so eloquently written about in Mere Christianity for those who already call themselves Christian.  The second purpose is to explain in an engaging, winsome and non-threatening way the basic tenets of the Christian faith as illustrated by C.S. Lewis to those who do not claim to be Christian.  This study aims to fulfill the vision of C.S. Lewis of reaching people from all faith backgrounds.

Sessions include:

  • Our Sense of Right and Wrong
  • What's Behind Our Sense of Right and Wrong
  • The Rival Conceptions of God
  • Free Will and the Shocking Alternative
  • Christian Behavior and the Great Sin of Pride
  • The Christian Virtue of Hope
  • God in Three Persons
  • Counting the Cost


Thanks,  Fr. Ray +


Worship and Education News:

Adult Sunday School:  Meets Sunday at 9:00 am. 

Sunday School:   Will meet at 9:00 am at the First United Methodist Church.

Worship:  June 16, the Holy Eucharist, Rite II, with Rev Ray Brown

Readings for Trinity Sunday: Proverbs 8:1-4, 22-31; Psalm 8; Romans 5:1-5; John 16:12-15

Hymn No:  370, 362, 423

Pastoral News:

Please keep the following in your prayers:   Debra Richardson, David Henderson, Kathy Sullivan, Larry Bryant, Lynn Jordan, Ray Worley, Nancy Howe, Jim Howe, Parker Pace, Heather Treat,  Courtney Turner, Sheila Fraiser, P.J. Clay, Rita Merritt, Mary Hamm, Mary Helen Lagarde, Jo Boone Wild,  Gloria Higginbotham,  Kelly Faye Parker, Carla Myers, Jeffery Mink, Jack Myers, Vivian Wright,  Madge Saba, Al Martin, William Brandon, Leo Schuster, Joan Schuster, Orville Jiles,  Cedric Franks, Jr, Jeannie McCabe, Karen Foster, Susan Worrell, Kenlee St. John, Margaret Dean, and  Pat Wheeler.


Outreach News:

Angels of Grace and Anchor Mission ministries: The item from their wish list this week is paper towels.

Humane Society of the Delta Donations needed are dog food & puppy food.

Collections this week for Operation Christmas Child boxes:  Clothes and Shoes for GIRLS 2 – 4

    Please place all of these donations in the red wagon at the back of the church to be blessed.

Grace Food Pantry: plastic bags go in the labeled container in the narthex.

      Thank you for your weekly donations.  They are all greatly appreciated.

Church Office News and Announcements:

Jun 12, Wed at 5:30 pm: Midweek Eucharist

Altar Guild – Bennett Sellers & Angie Fielder

JUNE 16, SUNDAY at 10:30:  Holy Eucharist, Rite II

Acolyte – Ned Pillow

Lay Eucharist Minister –Jack Myers

Altar Guild –Jayne Morris

Altar Flowers – Bennette Morris

Jun 19, Wed at 5:30 pm: Midweek Eucharist

Altar Guild – Jayne Morris

Jun 22, Sat at 10:30 am:  Altar Guild Polish Day.  Lunch afterwards.

Contact info for Fr. Ray:

Cell: 501-291-6262    


St. John’s Church Office:

Phone:  870-338-8115    


Mailing address:  P.O. Box 770, Helena, AR 72342

Street Address:  625 Pecan St., Helena, AR