December 3, 2015, 7:38 AM

St. John’s Episcopal Church             Sunday, December 6, 2015

ADULT EDUCATION: Sunday, Dec. 6th at 9:00 am until 10:00 am studying this Sunday’s readings which are found below.
SUNDAY SCHOOL: Sunday, Dec. 6th at 9:00 am youth choir followed by Sunday school at the First United Methodist Church.
WORSHIP: December 6th, Holy Eucharist Rite II, with Rev. Tom Baker from Mt. Home, AR as our visiting priest.
READINGS for this Sunday are: Malachi 3:1-4; Canticle 16: The Song of Zechariah; Philippians 1:3-11; Luke 3:1-6.
ORDER FORMS for Christmas poinsettias and wreaths will be in your Sunday Bulletins.  Make sure you make out your checks to ST. John’s Altar Guild.  Poinsettias will cost $15.00 and wreaths $22.00.  Please be sure to clarify if your donation is in Memory of, Thanksgiving for, or in Honor of.  DEADLINE to have your donation placed in the Christmas Eve Bulletin is Dec. 15th.  Donations after this will be accepted, but not in the Bulletin.
FELLOWSHIP NEWS:  Next Sunday, Dec. 13th immediately following the service, the ECW will host a SOUP SAMPLER lunch.  All are welcomed, but you are asked to bring a donation of a can of soup to give to Grace’s Food pantry along with any monetary donation you would like to contribute to them.
Also the Canon Jason Alexander will be our visiting priest and he will meet with the vestry immediately following lunch.  THIS WILL BE OUR DECEMBER MEETING FOR THE VESTRY AND IT IS VERY IMPORTANT ALL ATTEND. Please let Allison know if you will not be able to attend on December 13th.
Pastoral Visitor: Angie Fielder.  This is a new ministry.  The duty runs from Sunday to the next Sunday.  Each week the pastoral visitor or visitors will visit the members of St. John’s that are either sick or shut-in.
St. John’s Good Samaritans (ECW):  Please feel free to call Maureen Jones (404-697-7197) or Jeannie Turley (870-816-6387) if you are in need of some help with errands or transportation or food, or if you would just like some company.  These and other members of the church have graciously offered their time to assist anyone needing help.  If you would like to volunteer services, please let Maureen or Jeannie know.
Please keep the following in your prayers:  Marie Simon, Buddy Wheeler, Buddy Byrd, Carol Jennings, Debra Richardson, Blanche Choate, Freeman Staley, Sam Harris, Leslie Galloway, Nina Zachary, Jim Howe, Jr., Elena Hinderer, baby Walt Morris, Ann Lee, Tricia Hearn, Gere Carnathan and the family of Jimmie Nicholls.
The Samaritan’s Purse: This project is coming to a close for 2015.  The people of St. John’s made a total of 81 shoe boxes to be sent all over the world to children in need.
Angels of Grace The item from their wish list this week is laundry detergent for the women’s shelter. Please place your items in the plastic tub at the stair landing just outside the chapel coming up from the undercroft. Our tub is rather empty now.
Anchor Mission Ministry Box: This week’s donation item is laundry detergent. They will accept donations for personal hygiene (deodorant, soap bars, tooth brush and tooth paste, wash cloths & towels, shampoo) laundry detergent, paper towels and toilet tissue.  They also need prepared casseroles that they can freeze and put in their freezer.  They feed hot meals at noon five days a week with devotional included. This mission ministers to the homeless and hungry and is located on the bypass.  Their donation box is located off the chapel in the stairwell next to the Angels of Grace box.  Monetary donations may be sent to Brenda Knapp’s CPA office located at 207 N. Sebastian, West Helena 72390.
The color of the season is purple, due to the theme of preparation.  It can be blue in honor of the Virgin Mary and her obedience to God’s calling.  We recognize Advent as a time of expectation and preparation.
We celebrate the season with an Advent wreath that has four candles.  There are three purple candles and one rose or pink candle for the third week in Advent in recognition of Mary, Christ’s mother.
The first is the prophecy candle, announcing the period of waiting.  The second is the Bethlehem candle, symbolic of the preparation being made to receive and cradle the Christ child.  The third is the shepherd’s candle signifying the act of sharing Christ, and the fourth is the angel’s candle, heralding Christ’s love and imminent coming.  A white candle is placed in the center of the wreath and is lit on Christmas Eve.
Group one (Allison, Angie, Julie, Carla, Jeanie and Bennett) will meet this Sunday, December 6th at 4:30 pm to polish silver and brass.
Group two (Susan, Maureen, Lindalu, Jayne and Betsy) will meet Friday, December 11th at 9:30 am to finish polishing.  If you cannot attend please go on your own to polish and leave a list in the sacristy on the counter.
On Monday, December 21st at 4:00 pm ALL altar guild members will meet at the church to hang the greens and prepare the church for the Christmas Eve service at 10:00 pm.  There will only be one Christmas service this year.  Afterwards we will all go out for our yearly celebration hosted by your chairman.
Sunday duties:
Acolyte –Katherine Wright
Lay Eucharistic Minister–Gina Pillow
No Midweek Eucharist
Altar Guild –Allison Biederman
Altar Flowers – Frances Howe
Pastoral Visitor –Angie Fielder from Dec. 6th through Dec. 12th.
Church Address:  P O Box 770, Helena AR  72342
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