August 13, 2015, 11:05 AM

St. John’s Episcopal Church             Sunday, August 16, 2015

ADULT EDUCATION: Will not meet until Sept.
SUNDAY SCHOOL: Will not meet Sept.
WORSHIP: August 16th, Holy Eucharist Rite II with the Rt. Reverend Larry Benfield as the celebrant. Please remember that the offering plate on the 16th is given to the Bishop’s discretionary fund to be used throughout the Diocese.
READINGS for Aug.16th are: Proverbs 9:1-6; Psalm 34:9-14; Ephesians 5:15-20; John 6:52-58.
Midweek Holy Eucharist will be this Wednesday, August 19 at 5:30 in the chapel with Rev. Arnold Hearn officiating.
FELLOWSHIP NEWS:  Coffee time with conversation and open discussions at 9:30 until 10:15 in the undercroft every Sunday! We will do this until Sunday school resumes after Labor Day.
Pastoral Visitor: Maureen Jones.  This is a new ministry.  Each week the pastoral visitor or visitors will visit the members of St. John’s that are either sick or shut-in.
St. John’s Good Samaritans (ECW):  Please feel free to call Maureen Jones (404-697-7197) or Jeannie Turley (870-816-6387) if you are in need of some help with errands or transportation or food, or if you would just like some company.  These and other members of the church have graciously offered their time to assist anyone needing help.  If you would like to volunteer services, please let Maureen or Jeannie know. 
Please keep the following in your prayers: Marie Simon, Buddy Wheeler, Buddy Byrd, Carol Jennings, Debra Richardson, Tom Choate, Freeman Staley, Donna Rohrscheib, Larry Delk, PAT Billingsley, Sam and Gigi Harris, Leslie Galloway, Carmen Carpenter, Doris Smith, Nina Zachary, and Gere Carnathan.
EVANGELISM NEWS:   Our annual Teach for America Party sponsored by the ECW will be held at the home of Walter and Jayne Morris at Moon Lake MS on August 29th.  We will be providing more information in the coming weeks.
VESTRY MEETING:   The vestry will meet with the Bishop on Sunday, August 16th immediately following the pot luck lunch in the undercroft.
Please let Allison know if you are not able to attend.
The Samaritan’s Purse: The Samaritan’s purse category for donations in August is:
School Supplies for ages 5-14 boys and girls:
Pens and Pencils, all kinds and sizes of paper, erasers, tablets, markers, glue, colored pencils, chalk and chalk boards.  Remember EVERYTHING must fit in a SHOE BOX.
Angels of Grace The item from their wish list this week is paper towels for the women’s shelter. Please place you items in the plastic tub at the stair landing just outside the chapel coming up from the undercroft. Our tub is rather empty now.
Anchor Mission Ministry’s box is now located in the stairwell alongside the Angels of Grace box.  This is the new mission located on the bypass for the homeless and hungry.  They will accept donations for personal hygiene, laundry detergent, paper towels, toilet tissue etc.  Please place you donations in their box off the chapel.  They will be delivered monthly to the mission.
Sunday duties:
Acolyte –Mike Fielder, Ed Pat Wright& Katherine Wright
Lay Minister–Mike Fielder
Midweek Wednesday Holy Eucharist with Rev Arnold Hearn at 5:30 pm
Altar Guild –Jayne Morris, Angie Fielder, Bennette Sellers
Altar Flowers –Bennette & Walter Morris
Pastoral Visitors –Maureen Jones
Sunday, August 23rd, Rev. Jason Alexander will be our priest.
Saturday, August 29th, we will have our TEACH for AMERICA party at the home of Walter and Jayne Morris at Moon Lake MS.  You will hear more about time and transportation later.
Sunday, Aug. 30th, Harry Stephens will be a guest speaker on the ministry of the Gideons.
Rev. Arnold Hearn will be our priest.
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