Annual Parish Audit Started Tuesday
March 26, 2014, 10:05 AM

Russ and Jackie worked with our auditor today, and completed the first day of an engagement which will last for several days. The audit is being conducted by Jeannie Fry,  a licensed Certified Public Accountant who for the last ten years has worked extensively with the Diocese of Arkansas and with a number of Episcopal parishes in Arkansas. She stresses doing things "by the book" and insuring that proper internal controls and financial procedures are in place and are being followed. When she says "by the book", the book to which she refers is the "Manual of Business Methods" publiched by the National Episcopal Church. For those with an interest in accounting, the book is available as a free download from  More information about the Diocese of Arkansas audit requirements can be found at

Ms. Fry worked for AT&T for 25 years in various managerial positions, mostly around the state of Arkansas; her last assignment prior to her retirement was as the liason on all accounting issues between the corporation and the federal government while in Washington,  D.C.

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